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  • Try Try Again!

    Try Try Again!

    The Good Hike 2.0 was planning to hit the trail again in October of 2013 to Hike for Hunger Relief in the Grand Canyon once again. Well! Plans had to change. The park service closed down the day before we were to leave for the canyon. 

    If you missed it in the news - Read about the National Parks closing because of the government shutdown here.

    We tried to scramble and try to find another trail to hike but ultimately decided that we should just move the date and try again - in the meantime we could raise more money for Hunger Relief!

    We rescheduled for May 2014 and the park was very accommodating to our prefered dates. If you have never applied for a camping permit in The Grand Canyon before, it can be extremely difficult to get a permit on your prefered dates and it is a lottery system with people from all over the globe applying for permits.